Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Spare 150k anyone?

Just been doing the sums for our proposed vision for a new building to meet for worship. Cafe chruch, post modern church, a place, a space, and time to meet God. But we don't have the funds. Thing is we can't raise the funds, cos we need a project for people to be willing to fund. And in order to have a project we need to purchase a building. And to purchase the building we need to have a plans to redevelop in order to get the money the Methodist church has, that we gained from sale of old building, plus to acquire change of usage from council. See the predicament. Do we scrap the whole idea. Or plough on, hoping that the church will agree a project that will have such a great short fall, believing that God will provide in some way.

There are a few other options, but they entail years of fund raising and sitting with an empty building - not my idea of fun, plus I can't guarentee I'll be around in a few years anyway.


in fact can't really articulate the problems and frustrations that this has arose (in some ways it is good, I never think God gives you anything easily - he really wants to see that faith) But it makes everything so much harder.

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