Friday, June 10, 2005

Sharing food

Had a good day at work, been busy doing all kinds of stuff. It's a nice place to work now I've finally go the hang of what I'm supposed to be doing. Being listening to some of the new Magic Numbers album (i know it's not out yet - but that's another story) Look out for it on Monday.

Went to a service tonight at Victoria hall which was hosting various workshops around Make Poverty History and I went along to one hosted by Inderjit Bhogal. He is a very intersting man to listen too, there are many things i don't share with him theologically, but e has really made me think and challenged me in the past with some of his teaching. When it comes to issues of justice there are few better informed people than him. Some things hit hard, some people, he said, complain that it's not worth giving aid to Africa because their leaders are corrupt. The biggest corruption, is not the leaders, but the fact that parents have to watch their children die, because they can't give them enough food. Or for children watching their parents die, through lack of food.

He talked of Jesus' vision of a kingdom where all people sat/reclined at a heavenly banquet where there is sufficient for all. Where people gather from all nations, from the north, south, east and west. The challenge, when you take Eucharist that small bit of bread and sip of drink is all that some people will eat that day. Why don't we make a time where we share a meal in a kingdom of God manner, where all are invited. And where to do this, outside in a park, at your house, at your church. Who do you invite? There was more, and it's certainly raised some ideas in my mind.

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