Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Pray without ceasing

This initiative was launched this morning with prayers written in the sand on the beach at Torquay. And was passed with a standing vote this afternoon. I'm really excite about it, and just today I was engaged in a conversation with an old friend who is now serving in Newcastle. He mentioned how he'd been involved in a 24 hour prayer event in response to last years resolution and how it had been of benefit to those who took part. I hope this is one of many stories as people learn to pray in new and engaging ways and to spending time with God, which is often a rarity in todays hectic lifestyles.

On another note I was helping some youth exec friends publisise their fringe event entitled "Gagged by church structures" I had my mouth gagged with tape and stood silently holding a sign promoting the event - I was then noticed by the photographer of the methodist recorder who wanted to take a photo - so perhaps fame beckons?!

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