Friday, July 01, 2005

Church Council

Had a bit of a lie in this morning after the long journey and busy week. My sister was over to see my mum too as it is her b'day tomorrow. Gave my mum her present and then chatted with my sister, haven't seen her in ages.

Another busy day as I finished preparing a presentation for church council to show all the costings of our proposed redevelopment scheme. The meeting was conducted in a wonderful spirit. I presented the figures and David shared the discussions the property group had had on the options left open to us. We then spent a bit of time in silence and prayer whilst Andrew lead us in song before making our decision. The decision being that we continue to press ahead with the plans, despite being short of around 150k, as we believe that this project will help us fulfill the vision we believe is from God to create a new kind of church building in that particular area. Hoping that the circuit will be our guarentor as we seek further funding from granting bodies.

It's not going to be easy!

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