Sunday, July 03, 2005

Farewell service

Attended the farewell service for Bryce and Maggie this evening. Had arrived early to set up sound stuff for band members. Decided to send left and right sound up the inbuilt XLR cables to the inhouse amplification system. Ended up being a waste of time because their amp is only mono!

There were loads of people at the service, in fact nearly all the congregation from the mornings CVM service were present in the evening!

Amusing thing was this activity that all the congregation were invited to take part, creating a college from post it notes. The thing is it took about 40 mins for everyone to queue up and stick a post-it onto the picture! Still it was a good opportunity to chat with friends sat nearby.

On a plus point, because there was so many people from around the circuit present I was able to get quite a lot of people signing up for the 24 hour prayer day and from a variety of churches. So the original aim of getting people who had never tried this style of prayer on board seems to be becoming a success. The next step is to see what they make of the event and how to progress the idea for Pray Without Ceasing next year.

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