Sunday, July 24, 2005

War of the Worlds

Now that I've finished Harry Potter I've begun reading Cloud Atlas, which seems like an interesting novel - I'll let you know when I finish.

Richard's brother has been over for the weekend to celebrate his birthday and we enjoyed a few ales at the fantastic cask and cutler friday night. Last night they joined me and andrew at the cinema to watch War of the Worlds. An enjoyable film, not a great one, but the effects are really stunning and makes for gripping viewing. Bit of a soppy ending as you'd expect with Spielburg, but was interesting to hear the acknowledgement of God as creator of the microbes that caused the demise of the aliens and the fact that humans had evolved over millenia to gain immunity against them. Similar to the novel, but I wouldn't have been surprised if the reference to God had disappeared.

Don't think Spielburg has ever seen a microbe down the microscope as those on display looked rather suspicious. Those on display were certainly supposed to be eukaryotic - whcih is strange - a yeast infection perhaps? As well as a defined nucleus they also had these other strange compartments that didn't appear to be either mitochondria or Golgi, so who knows what they really were supposed to be!

Helen P came round this eve and we watched Pirates of the Carribean, chatted about my travels and stuff. And finally I was able to have a Harry Potter conversation with someone who has finished the book. So could try out all my theories I've been gathering from the net.

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