Saturday, July 16, 2005


So to celebrate 60 years of MAYC a weekend event had been organised at Cliff College. I use the phrase organised loosely, as per normal it was arranged in a chaotic manner. In fact I had been quite annoyed at having volunteered to help steward and not hearing officially that I was required until 2 weeks before hand. And then I still didn't know what I was supposed to do until I was due to start. That's what happens when your church doesn't employ people with good management and organisational skills and relies on friends of friends to bail them out and volunteers whose time is not valued.

Hmm that's a bit of my rant - i won't continue otherwise I'd be here for ages and ages.

So I've been awake since 6:50am on friday and won't be off to bed until 8:30am saturday. My job involves checking people aren't making too much noise during the night and are in their relevent tents/rooms and a few jobs around the site. I'm joined by a nice guy called Craig who was asked to help out by his friend on Tuesday!

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