Friday, July 08, 2005

24 hour prayer

Arrived at church at just after 5pm to start setting up the room, Siobhan, Greg and Andrea came to help. Covered floor in dust sheets, walls in backing paper for graffiti, set up tables for painting etc, hung drapes across the room to split the space up into sections and added some small desk lamps for lighting. Set up one section with loads of bibles and prayer books and finally set up laptop with operation world info on. All slots were filled with me and siobhan doing a 2 hour slot each in the small hours. The room looked really good and Gill arrived as the first person, whilst she was utilising the room Steve was waiting for her and found that the thought for the day in the Sheffield Star was about praying, including a bible passage.

Greg treated the room decorators to pizza, which was nice. Watched Royal Tennenbaums before trying to get a bit of sleep before my prayer slot.

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