Sunday, July 17, 2005

Sunday Funday

Another good nights work, most people were well behaved and at 4am as dawn drew in me and Craig went around the site taking up all the tape markings from around the camp site that marked out all the plots. It was strange to think that we were wide awake working whilst everyone was oblivious to us, asleep in their tents.

Got about 4 hours sleep before leaving and meeting andrew, matt and emma for lunch. Headed down to Carver fields for the circuit Sunday Funday which had all the markings of being dreadful...

However, it was ok, plenty of people came and although there were plenty of things to do, i was quite happy to sit and read Harry Potter and chat. Too tired for anything else. The weather was good, so made for a pleasant afternoon.

Tired, asleep by 8:30pm

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