Saturday, July 09, 2005

Prayer slot

So think I finally dropped off to sleep properly sometime after midnight. I'd set my alarm for 2:40am but it eventually woke me at 2:50am quickly changed and washed my face to try and wake myself up and entered the prayer room. A cup of tea was first on the agenda, and once that had passed my lips selected some tunes and began exploring the room. Wrote a few prayers, then a Moby track inspired me to try a drawing. Did a bit of dancing too, don't know where the time went really. After 4am the room steadily got lighter and 5am soon came round. Just had time for a bit of Taize singing, but no time for reading.

From what I've heard a lot of people found the time in the room really helpful and beneficial. Which is encouraging, hopefully we can run something longer next time. Just hope that it's easier to fill the time slots, as that is very hard work!

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