Monday, July 25, 2005

The best chat

I've had in ages..

Met up with a friend who used to go to WHY and is now studying art at St Martin's College. I was fascinated to see how a year at art school had affected her faith and perspective on all things. It was great to see the ways she had been challenged and the affect of post modernity and it's failures. Incredible wisdom and insight - that I wish I'd had at her age. She had become a member of Christians in Art and this seems like it has been a valuable fellowship of support.

It was good to see someone else who had obviously had the same problems that I had with faith, but coming at it as an artist whereas I approach it as a scientist. Questions like are the ways that you think of things that challenge your traditional understanding of christianity that you received from church right? And do you worry that ppl will think less of you as a christian in these traditional settings because you are challenging these preconceived ideas. All very interesting.....

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