Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Gordon was up for his graduation and I went to meet up with him at the pub. It was interesting hearing the graduation tales, strange to think I've don it twice now...

It was good to get out and spend time with friends at the pub, haven't done that in ages.

Still wanted to chat about HP, but no-one I've met has read it yet. Found this great site though called Harry Potter Lexicon which has loads of information on all characters, spells and beasts including derivation of each. It's interesting how knowing the derivation helps understand more about the word inquestion. Some things were obvious like Sirius Black, Sirius being the name of the Dog Star and Sirius being able to turn into a dog. But it has interesting info like Albus Dumbledore's brother is the barman at the Hogshead!

The moon was large and full this evening, tinged slightly yellow.

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