Thursday, July 14, 2005

Old testament

So been doing a bit of work at Bluestone this week, but there isn't enough to keep me there all week. I should really use my free time better though. Should start looking harder for jobs, but it's just too demoralising to be bothered with. There is opportunity to work full time for Bluestone, but that position won't be available for a few weeks yet.

House group continues to be interesting studying deuteronomy. You can really be quite critical about our interpretation of Christianity reading some of these passages. We discussed to some extent what making a graven image is. This passage is quite specific about how any representation of God be it human or otherwise is forbidden. In contrast to Christendom where great art works have been inspired to represent God and even our representation of Christ as God in these passages seems to be wrong. That gets us into the difficulty of understanding the trinity and the triune nature of God. Fascinating.

We concluded that as long as we knew that representations of God would only display a minute portion of what God is, then they would be ok to help inspire us in worship etc. Cos I find images useful, especially when we know how limited language and words can be - pictures can just be so much more expressive and fresh and animated.

Alison also commented on how valuable she found the prayer room at the weekend which was welcome encouragement, and good to hear that people really felt a peace of God upon them whilst praying there.

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