Saturday, July 02, 2005


An early start this morning, up about 4am and meet Ellen around 4:45am to drive up to Leeds to catch the train to Edinburgh. Jo joined us and we met Gill at the station. The chartered train was an old style passenger train which seemed to take the interest of a number of train spotters on our way up.

The weather at the start ofthe day was grey, drizzly and overcast. In contrast Edinburgh was bright, sunny and warm.

I've never seen so many peolpe before, thousands all gathered on the meadows awaiting to join the march around Edinburgh. There was so much going on, it was a shame that we had such a limited time there. Took two hours before we were actually on the march, in which time people had already completed it! So the city of Edinburgh was completely surrounded by a ring of people dressed in white.

Incredible - it really must make a statement to all those gathering at Gleneagles that 225000 people would gather in support of MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY without the pulling factor of live music that draws the crowds to Live8.

A long and tiring day. But hopefully it will help press the world leaders onto the path to aleviate world poverty

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