Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Still nothing on the job front, luckily I'm doing a few hours at the community centre as an interim manager. I'm enjoying it and putting together a database of user information on outlook express, so hopefully the new manager will be able to use mail merge functions for sending out invoices etc.

This evening I've been to Cheseterfield to watch a preseason friendly against Spanish Premiership side Malaga. Planned to meet Scott and David at 6pm, but got there 15min early cos I came on the train. A packed Virgin train, squeezed into the end of a compartment near the toilets - it stank and no windows to open. Virgin trains are proper rank. Anyway standing up for 20 mins in that condition had got me feeling a bit weak in the knees, so I called into a pub for a quick half pint. It was much needed, I was really thirsty. Met up with Scott and David and intended to go to this really good real ale pub for a meal, but it no longer served food - so next best thing was Wetherspoons. Nice and cheap, and it was good to catch up with Scott, haven't seen him in ages. He's a big Chesterfield fan and had already been to a number of pre-season games.

The match itself was rather dull, as is the norm for the preseason matches. Interesting watching trialists trying to impress, some looked like they certainly had potential. Chesterfield lost 2-1, not bad considering the opposition. Our consolatioin goal was quite spectacular, a long range top corner blast froma young lad called Adam Smith.

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