Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Big Blind

Finished this book a couple of days ago and really enjoyed it. I must admit I did find it difficult to imagine the lead female character without thinking of Louise Wener as it is written in the first person. I'm sure there are lots of traits that the lead character has which are Louise's own, so you see some of the author coming thru in the book. I must admit the subject matter of poker and gambling doesn't need the glossiness that this book gives it. though it does touch on the destructive nature gambling can have, everything works out in the end for the characters here. This is probably my only critisism, and it is something I would use for Louise's first book about a guy trying to crack the music scene - of course in the end his band finally make it.

Don't have anything left to read now, Helen suggests i join the library (which is only about 20 metre away from my house, but I've yet to enter it). However, in the mean time my housemate has leant me

it seems really interesting, and I just know i'd have loved this book when I was about 14.

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