Friday, September 02, 2005

Deception Point

Just finished reading this Dan Brown novel:

what a pile of cack.

It was the reading equivelent of watching a no-brainer thriller on tv, that's just entertaining enough for you to want to know the cliched ending.

Are all Dan Brown's novels like this, his name emblazened bigger than the title, claims that everything he relates is true, a terrible sexual chemistry underplot between the main characters....

similes included - she was tossed around like a sock in a washing machine. Now that's either genius comedy or the writing attempts of a 14 year old!

Then what about this, during the raising of the metoerite it went from just a few feet from the surface - to just 9 metres left. Imperial unit using american fool. 9 metres is much further then a few feet - idiot!

However, now I can start that Louise Wener novel i got on ebay

The lead charcter sounds great, I'd love to meet a girl like this, she likes numbers and top trumps!

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Alastair said...

Dan Brown novels are all about one thing - Dan Brown! I enjoyed the two more controversial 'Angels and Demons' and the infamous 'DaVinci Code' purely as a bit of 'rollicking yarn' which involved no thought whatsoever to read, and didn't need any engagement as a reader. God help anyone who actually takes them seriously.

Thanks for the post on my blog too!