Sunday, September 04, 2005


Have been enjoying reading peoples blogs about Greenbelt using this technorati link thing, you add it to your blog with a tag and it becomes available to anyone who searches for a greenbelt2005 tag using technorati

It's great to hear other views from the event, and in some strange way feel part of a community of bloggers. Which I've never felt before, only really started this cos i was bored of looking for jobs, and it gave me something to do. Now I find there are links to my blogs from other blogs and it feels quite exciting. As you can see I've kind of done likewise, adding a few blogs that are worth checking out under links.

Quite looking forward to Greenbelt next year when i can perhaps meet these bloggers!

1 comment:

Roger Vere Youth Worker said...

I love the blog community for just that.

Glad to see that you popped by!