Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Just got in

Had a none stop day, can't believe it's 9:45pm and I've only just got home. Left house at 7:10am this morning for work, got stuck in traffic, cos of road works and only just got to work in time. From work I went straight to meet the new minister, James, to help fill him in with the details of the proposed purchase and redevelopment scheme at Crookes Valley. No easy task as there is so much history and characters to fill in. It was a very good meeting though, and James seems like he'll be a great minister for CV, bringing a good sense of accountability to our project. Left the manse and came home to meet dave P, so i guess I have been back home already, but that was only to do the world's longest wee (i was bursting) and pick up a pizza from the freezer. David gave me a lift up to matt and emma's and they kindly cooked my pizza as we discussed the upcoming AWE service. Useful discussion, but I think I was a bit too 'meetinged' out to give any decent input. Was dismayed to hear about a meeting the night before, local preachers meeting or something, where the layout of the new plan had been discussed for over 45 minutes. Unbelievable, well not really, but it annoys me that meetings are filled with such trivial nonsense - surely someone can just sort these things out without the need of getting approval from a meeting.

Last night I really enjoyed the next episode of No Sex Please We're Teenagers. I should give some more thoughts at a later stage, but to remind myself: community of the group, concept of relationships and why is abstinance such a joke. If i remember I'll expound on that.....

On a lighter side, I got my free comic from Dave Walker of cartoon church fame today. They were left over from his contribution to the greenbelt communion service. Very nice

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