Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Football disappointment

Congratulations to Northern Ireland, they played a tireless game that kept England out of contention. I don't think England had a chance on target apart from Michael Owen's overhead kick. Whereas NI had a number of chances, taking their best with aplomb. I know the excitement of watching the underdog side etch out the impossible result. It is amazing what a good organised, passionate team with self belief can acheive despite having inferior talent. Just ask any Chesterfield fan about the FA cup semi final in 1997!

Let's hope England can get it together soon. Erikson was very crafty in getting a multi milion pound contract signed just before the start of euro 2004, all other high profile countries sacked their managers after that competition. I wonder where England would be if we'd had a new manager for this world cup quailfying campaign.

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