Saturday, September 10, 2005


Not blogged for a bit, though I've quite a few thoughts i want to get down. I'll perhaps get round to it tomorrow. I've been trying to apply for a job and get this presentation for synod sorted and so didn't want to be distracted with writing here.

Synod today, so no lie in, which I think I needed after a week of commuting to school. It was, as expected, fairly boring. My presentation of the Pilgrimage of Faith went ok, though it seemed to have been quite a bit of effort for 3 minutes. I was also fasciliting a workshop on 'technology and worship' where I had to introduce the speaker. It was alright, but not something I would've chosen thru choice as I didn't learn anything new.

Began to feel really tired after that, and the key note speach from some bishop or other was particularly dull, and was relieved when he finally finished. No idea what he was on about, his voice was so dull I'd drifted away after about 2 mins. Wish I had a sudoku to do at that point - if just to keep me awake!

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