Tuesday, September 27, 2005

It was my cousins wedding on saturday and it was a great occasion. The weather was just fine, beautiful blue skies. My sis came by my house to give me a lift to Kendal - she was late of course! It was good to catch up with my sis on the way there though. It's not often we get together as a family these days, so it was a good opportunity to catch up with some of my cousins too. We used to spend quite a bit of time together when we were little as we lived fairly close together. In fact I have fond memories spending days together creating huge dynamic pictures, with all manner of strips of paper to pull that would move some character on the drawing.

The day was great, seeing my cousin, Ben, incredibly happy and his new wife equally so too. I also got chance to see Dan and Kim's daughter, Amelie, for the first time. As baby's go she is incredibly cute, i'm not normally a baby fan, but I took quite a few pics of Amelie!

Ben and myself were also very happy to hear that Chesterfield had won again, after the ceremony I checked the results on my mobile and was able to inform Ben during the wedding breakfast!

Kim and Amelie

Ben and Lyndsey dancing

My mum and dad dancing (to razorlite believe it or not!)

Ben, Dan and Scott

Air guitar to 'the final countdown'

me and dan at the end of the night

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