Wednesday, September 28, 2005

It's that rain that gets you wet...

Arranged to meet dave p after work to deliver some of those cool crookes valley flyers in the local area.

It was raining

a lot!

I got really wet, soaked to the skin in fact. We were out for ages, yet my bag of flyers seemed to be like the feeding of the five thousand. I'm sure I had more flyers left then what I started with!

Found a good looking job, so applied to that this eve as the closing date is tomorrow. Luckily I saw it advertised today on a site I browse every two weeks or so.

What else, oh yes the side of my head hurts a bit cos I walked into a door on monday night after church council meeting. A feat I presumed both propostorous and impossible when used in soaps as a cover up story for being involved in a violent clash. "How did you get that bruise?" "Walked into a door" "Yeah right..."

well it is possible, what you have to do is be in a rush to lock up the community centre. Turn the lights off, pull the door open ajar to rush through. Forget that the door is only one of a pair of double doors and turn full pelt into the remaining closed door. It makes a loud bang and smarts (hey that's a funny word - smarts)

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