Saturday, October 01, 2005

Beer, bagpuss, balby carr and bands

alliteration, how poetic

Just putting off writing up the church council minutes from monday, but before I get on with them I thought I'd post something here.

Went to the sheffield beer festival on thursday evening, meeting up with some of the guys I used to work with at the uni. I was there just before it opened, joining a queue of overweight gentlemen sporting shaggy facial hair. It certainly serves an interesting clientele. There was a huge selection of beers and it's difficult to know what to choose to taste. My favourite was by the Ossett brewery, but a special mention must be given to the Abbeydale brewery who produced a beer called Bagpuss.

Finished working at Balby carr school on friday, and i was given a parting gift from the other technicians there, which was very nice of them. It's been alright working there, back to bluestone on monday, but i hope i get a bit further with this application i sent in last week. The last few jobs i've applied for I haven't even made an interview.

Whilst working at the school we've had the radio on, and so I thought I'd comment on a few tunes around at the moment.

I predict a riot - Kaiser Chiefs

This song gets the thumbs up for the great lyric: Watching the people get lairy Is not very pretty I tell thee. Walking through town is quite scary.

If you can use 'I tell thee' in a pop song you must be doing something right!

King of the mountain - Kate Bush

Nice tune, typically haunting, but i think would be more interesting with a more drum and bassy percussian

Suddenly I see - KT Tunstall

If I have to listen to this song once more...... it's not terrible, but seems to be perpetually on every radio station and it just gets on your nerves.

Judgement Day - Ms Dynamite

Heard this on one of those music tv channels, I'm quite a fan of Ms Dynamite, she is often very challenging lyrically and this song continues that vein:

Now take a look at these project buildings They got us living in It's like we're raised in prison cos of the colour of our skin Now how you gonna wash the blood from your hands? The pharmaceutical industry need to get paid They're sitting on a cure Watching new born babies die of AIDS Tell me how you gonna wash the blood from your hands? How could you keep exploiting 3rd world children Using them as underpaid slaves So you can make your millions How you gonna wash the blood from your hands?

Hardly the sugary nondescript lyrics that seem to dominate the charts - but then I wonder if ppl even consider what's being sung about when they purchase popular music.

Ella Guru

Saw these at Greenbelt, and you can listen to their album online and so have turned to them to escape kt tunstall, it's beautiful music.

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