Friday, October 21, 2005

DVDs from the library

Got back home about 5:15, giving me quarter of an hour before the library closed. I quite fancied watching a dvd tonight, so walked round and had a browse in the collection. It costs one whole pound to borrow a dvd for a week, how good is that! Two films caught my eye, big fish and memento.

So this evening I decided to watch big fish whilst eating my fish and chips. I usually like tim burton films and never got around to seeing this when it came out. As with all tim burton films it had a great look about it, visually stunning distinctively burtonesque. Steve Buscemi is also great, he's such a good actor, portraying so much through the way he controls his facial movements. However the film itself was taking a while to unravel where it was going, i'd not read any synopsis, so had no idea what to expect, but it eventually became clear. What is a story, why do we use stories, what is fact, is there place for the mythical in stories or should they be as factual as possible. Made me think about the way we treat the creation story, sometimes the mythical helps us remember and brings more character than a factual re-telling would. As the movie progressed i didn't realise it was going to bring a tear to my eye :( it's quite an emotional ending.

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