Saturday, October 22, 2005

traid craft and memento

Went along to a traid craft evening tonight, more out of duty than choice. Felt that someone from cv should make an effort - couldn't remember what time it started, so arrived 1 hour late. Not too much of a problem as i was in time for the food ;)

There was the expected abundance of rainbow coloured handbags, cardigans and purses, does anybody actually use these? It was interesting to see the range of products on offer in the catalogue, though the highlight for me was the paper bag game. I say game, but in actual fact it was to highlight the working life of many in india who construct similar bags from paper to sell to shop keepers as their living. So for 20min it was quite fun, but 10 hours a day 7 days a week....... makes you think.

got home and watched memento.

not as good as i was expecting, perhaps my expectations were set too high from hearing so many glowing reports. Interesting story idea, though not quite sure if the backwards storyline/plot was just gimicky or a tool to try and describe the fact that the lead character doesn't understand the context of any of his actions due to his short term memory loss. Still it was better than a lot of things i've seen.

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Roger Vere Youth Worker said...

I don't have any of the rainbow coloured stuff but I do buy fairly traded clothes when I can. Tricky thing is balancing a youth ministry salary with fair trade prices!!