Sunday, October 02, 2005


Just read that there is a solar eclipse on monday which is very exciting. We only get a bit of the sun covered in the uk, but it will be interesting to see. I did go down to devon in 1999 for the total solar eclipse. It was cloudy, just saw a huge cloud approaching at speed, which engulfed us. It doesn't really go that dark, just like twilight really - I guess because the atmosphere is still lit up by the sun in other areas. The birds seemed to go a bit mental, tweeting and flying around, but they didn't seem to be bothered about it for too long.

Just sent a text to Siobhan in Kenya to let her know that she will be in an optimum position to see it, and I doubt it will be cloudy either! She's settling in well, but finding church services rather dull. It's pretty amazing that I can contact her in a fairly remote part of Kenya, and hear back from her within a few minutes.

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