Saturday, October 22, 2005


Had some things to do in town this morning, including getting some things from ccc. Wanted to get a couple of albums too and decided that as i was expecting to be paid sometime soon i could justify a trip to fopp for the first time in a while. I've not been in for ages, because it has a dangerous effect on my bank balance, and indeed the shop floor lay out had changed since i was last there. However I was able to purchase the new album by arab strap and boards of canada so i'll review them in the near future. Was pretty good and wasn't tempted to buy any other albums, though i did purchase a book, the virgin suicides, only £3 - bargain. I think i'll read this and then get the film from the library, it's a film i've wanted to see for ages and not got around to yet. Directed by sofia coppola, and i did like her other film, lost in translation, so it bodes well.

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