Sunday, October 23, 2005

al fresco church

Couldn't get up this morning, I'd woken up around 7:30 and decided that was far too early to be thinking of getting up and promptly fell asleep, and into quite a deep one at that, as my alarm woke me rudely and I still felt quite groggy. Just laying there thinking i ought to get up, wishing i didn't have to get to church so early. Another hour in bed would've been great. Just calculating how late I could lay there before having to get up and fetch peter when the phone rang and made the decision for me. It was james informing me that the appointed local preacher for this morning was unwell and wouldn't make the service, leaving us to sort out our worship. Hmmm 9:10 i've got 20 min before I have to pick up peter, a quick phone call to andrew, shower and into the car - took my breakfast to church. Explained the situation to peter and asked if he would help lead us studying the lectionary readings between hymns which he agreed to do. We're lucky to have such a wise local preacher in our congregation. I think officially if the preacher doesn't turn up it is methodist protocol to get out the 'emergency' book of sermons by john wesley and read one of them! We were quite quick setting up and were able to cobble together a kind of order of service. It was interesting, a selection of favourite hymns interspersed with prayers and bible study, and went quite well. Speaking to our eldest member, margorie, who's well in her 90s, she told me with a grin: "I've really enjoyed the service today - al fresco!"

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