Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Singing in the rain

well not so much singing as walking, and not so much rain either.

Had to go and check that a user group could get into the community centre this evening and it was absolutely chucking it down with rain. I decided that I'd give my new, early christmas present, hiking boots a road test in the downpour. Put all my waterproofs on and ventured out to brave the weather and walk up to the centre. I was about half way there when the rain stopped - typical. Still there was quite a lot of surface water to splash through - the boots were great, i'm going to enjoy doing some hiking in these.

On sunday morning this girl came up to church all in a flap about some children's party she had booked for this friday. She seemed to think that there was a play scheme running at the same time. 'I've not slept all night', 'my son has been looking forward to this for weeks' etc etc. Checked the bookings diary and she was all booked in, no sign of the play scheme. Contacted the play scheme people yesterday and they said they'd only booked the hall mon-wed. So I rang the girl whilst i was at the community centre to explain she'd been flapping about nothing.

Worked from leeds today - and the traffic was fine, a little slow, but none of that stop-start nonsense. What a difference half term makes.

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