Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Went round to the manse yesterday to have a meal with james, the new minister, and his wife followed by some discussions around the crookes valley project. Or that was the intention. Nicola, his wife, is a minister in another circuit and is part of a team investigating emerging church for the 20-40s and was interested in some of the things we were doing at cv and some of the plans we have. So it was interesting sharing ideas and also being challenged to what is the central vision for cv, which i think is basically somewhere for the current congregation to meet and continue to worship in this dialogue/cafe style manner as we continue to explore God's grace, and to be a witness in whatever location we find ourselves.

After dinner me and james turned our attention to investigating funding for the cv project. However, we soon became side tracked, talking about my current situation and what i wanted from a job etc. It was a very useful discussion, as it is something that has been concerning me for sometime. The fact that i don't actually have any definitive vision for my life, it's all very wispy if you know what i mean, ethereal. I have no concrete goals, just ideas of things i'd like to do. We of course discussed whether i had considered working for the church at all. Which i have, but fleetingly, and i shared my initial concerns over such an idea, which makes it such a brief consideration for me. Like, just because i could do it, and know that ppl think i could do it, doesn't mean i should. And my lack of patience i would have with ppl who moan and argue about trivial matters. And seeing first hand from friends who work for the church the hassle they get from ppl as they try to do their work. These matters were discussed at length and james shared his own concerns for going into the ministry, it was interesting and really useful. I was recommended to read 'what colour's your parachute' so i'll look it up...

let's sneak out of this party
it's getting boring
there's more to life than this

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