Monday, October 10, 2005

,Pretty tired

Had a good time in Riga, will post later when I'm not so tired. Flight got into Stanstead about 1130 last night, so by the time I set off on my way back to Sheffield it was 0030 this morning. My journey was accompanied by some fantastic radio, why isn't daytime radio like this? First off there's an eclectic mix of top tunes from Gilles Peterson which was followed at 0100 by two hours of John Peel a compilation of stuff from John's travels and exploration of world music. It was great. Didn't get to sleep until about 0330 and then up for work at 0720.

Though distressing to hear about the tragic loss of life in the asian earthquake on the news.

Still, discovered I have a job interview on thurs for a job I applied for ages and ages ago. Hopefully I can arrange some time off work.

Can't believe how warm it has been today considering it is october, the trees are just looking great too. Parts of them are beginning to turn beautiful golden orange shades. And yesterday the moon was a deep orange over Riga, a proper harvest moon, which now always reminds me of red moon rising which is an inspirational read. Right, off to bed.

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