Thursday, September 01, 2005

september already

I'm having a frenzy of blogging this evening, mainly retrospectively.

Anyway, bible study was good again yesterday. Reading Deuteronomy is really challenging, as emma quipped, it's a shame we don't have any non-christians here, reading these passages would really help them (!)

Truth is, reading some of these laws in deuteronomy are really difficult, they often seem so contrary to my understanding of God. It really raises the question about how divinely inspired these laws are. Or whether they are perhaps the result of humans failings to completely love and obey God, that some fear factor has to be written in. In order for a developing society to live harmoniously together they must all love God, but due to free will that is not the case, and as is perhaps shown in New Orleans, it is easy for the disruptive few to damage the group society (anarchy etc). So perhaps these amplifications of God's rules of living are in order to bring order through fear of punishment to a society that is to be ambassaders for Yahweh in an interesting cultural mix of tribes and gods that is Canaan. I guess in the ideal world there wouldn't be need to deter people from committing crimes by punishment of death, cos such a thought of committig crimes would never have occured. This seems all a bit rambly - do u know what i mean...

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