Thursday, September 22, 2005

On being a tv star...

Yesterday I headed into town to see Michael Vaughn make a public address at the town hall. It was being filmed live for the local news on both itv and bbc. Because Michael Vaughn was expected at 6:15pm, there were hardly any people around at 6pm when we first went live on itv's callender show. I was stood near the front and was stood behind someone being interviewed. my mum and dad saw me clearly, so i think that makes me a tv star. Unfortunately I recorded the bbc's look north instead, where I appear as a non descript blur, but a me shaped blur nonetheless!

OK are already planning to do a feature on me

Harry Gration tries to get the crowd to sing Jeruselem - what awful words this hymn has!

Michael chatting to the bloke from Callender

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