Monday, September 12, 2005

Regaining the Ashes


What an acheivement, the England team deserve to be proud. Though it was a bit of a damp squid ending. Waiting around for ages for them to actually lift the urn, and there was quite a farce with Michael Vaughn having to accept a replica glass trophy and some other trophy and hand them back. Just get on and lift that urn, that's all that really matters - give the fancy dan trophies later!

Was just about to have some tea and think about handing in my application form when I thought it'd be great to celebrate the victory with a pint. It was then that I got a phone call from Tom, who I used to share a bench with in the lab. We hadn't seen each other for nearly a year and so it was great to meet up this evening. Arranged to meet him after delivering my application by hand. Hope I get some success with this application, it really is becoming increasingly frustrating. But thanks must be sent to Jonathan for suggesting looking at Sheffield PCT for jobs. At least this seems like something I can engage with and also be stimulating too.

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