Thursday, August 11, 2005

Giving blood

Not been much work today, just over an hour at a site in Barlborough, hardly worth turning up for to be honest. Then a bit at the community centre after which I popped into town to fill some forms at the agency. Where do they find these patronising sycophantic people from to work in these agencies, where they pretend to be your best friend when actually they're just parastic paying crappy wages and charging Bluestone a fortune for the privelege of my skills. Anyway this is all beside the point, after leaving the agency I was just heading home when I noticed that the blood service had commenced a walk in blood donation service that afternoon. I've often pondered giving blood, but been a bit afraid, as 470ml seems like an awful lot to me and I feared an adverse reaction, particulaly feeling faint and the last time I filled in a form I'd not long since recovered from Glandular Fever and they didn;t want my polluted blood. However, seeing as I had nothing else better to do I decided I would donate some blood.

Filled in the questionaire, need to have my blood tested for Malaria cos I've been to Kenya but other than that it was just a case of lying down with a needle in my arm. Took 7 mins and 50 seconds to fill the bag. After continuing to lie down for a bit I was then advised to go to the refreshment area and take on lots of fluids. There I was offered a glass of orange squash which was minicule - I was expecting loads after all this talk of replenish your fluids.

My arm felt like it had gone to sleep, like I'd been asleep on it all night, it's just coming back into action. Best go and get another drink cos I'm getting thirsty with all this fluuid talk.

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