Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I was watching this Brit Pop thing on BBC4 the other night, reminiscing to ten years ago, getting my a-levels and heading to university to the back drop of Brit Pop. And I was a big fan, in fact on my 18th b'day there was released what I still consider to be one of my fave records. Smart by a band called Sleeper. This is the best bit of power pop and all over in under 40 minutes.

Their lead singer was the beautiful Louise Wener, who semed to take a lot of stick in the music press about her inability to sing, but I thought her voice really suited the songs. Unfortunately they never matched the standards of Smart, and their third and final album was most disappointing. Personaly I think it is because the first album was mainly co-written with her then boyfriend, guitarist Jon Stewart. She then left him and started going out with the drummer! (I think they're still together), and Jon's input to song writing became diminished.

Yesterday I revisited Smart, and enjoyed it a lot. Can't believe it's ten years ago now.

And as for Louise, she is now a sucessful author. I've already read Goodnight Steve McQueen which is pretty good, and today I've just won her most recent novel, The Big Blind, on ebay.

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