Saturday, August 27, 2005

Greenbelt - Saturday, talks and stuff

This year there doesn't seem to be any really big speaker, and as such there aren't any talks in the centaur. The actual venues for talks are quite small tents, but as it is hot, the sides are down and you can hear from outside - good job it's not raining. Can't think of anything truely inspiring from the talk this year - though that is not to say I didn't enjoy them.

Naim Ateek was particulalry interesting, and it was good to hear his take on liberation theology as part of an oppressed palestinian society. His focus and interpretation of messiah as suffering servant rather than revolutionary warrior was interesting and certainly in the light of some of the recent fundamentalist charged faith related violance that has been seen the latter would be the kind of headline grabbing saviour you'd perhaps expect. It is interesting to wonder what Simon the Zealot thought of Christ.

Tried my hand at painting in the stables - I was rubbish, can never seem to get down the images in my head onto paper, guess that's why I'm a scientist.

Saw most of the Riding lights production in the evening, before sneeking out to see Estelle. They are a very talented bunch, and the script was really quite challenging.

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