Saturday, August 13, 2005

NBA live

Met up with Janet for lunch and then we went to the gig. A strange venue, the royal society for the blind, and a strange time. It was as if we'd turned up at some youth club gig, loads of teenagers. However the gig was great, the Nine Black Alps were full of energy which transposed itself onto their brash grungy rocky indie noises. And quite a noise it was too, topped with a rough edged vocal that belied the young singers age. Comparisons with Nirvana are obvious, but NBA are sufficiently unique to have carved out their own distinct style within that metal. There was no set list and no practice, they had decided that the gig was so strange that it required an equally bizarre aproach to playing the venue. They asked for people in the crowd to request songs, and then they duly played them.

These guys are good, and if they can keep up this passion in their tunes they are destined to go far.

Ironic that I leave the society for the blind deaf!

Got drenched walking home cos it was chucking it down with rain - the same rain that has delayed the cricket.

some pics:

Hope this captures some of the passion behid their playing

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