Sunday, August 28, 2005

Greenbelt - Sunday

[retrospectively - can't believe it was a whole week ago now!]

Sunday morning we gathered for communion, and the weather was perfect, enjoyed listening to the worship band whilst lazing on my blanket and flicking through my comic. The sky was a beautiful blue colour, and it was amazing to see the crowds gathering on the grass, gave me a sense of what it must've ben like gathering to hear Christ speak. The sharing of communion was special, joing into groups of people, who until that moment had been strangers, and to watch a coat layed on the floor, fill up with food as people brought stuff for an accumulative picnic. Me and andrew were rather ill prepared for this, and our offering of 2 brioche rolls and 5 penguin biscuits looked rather meagre. But in the end there was sufficient sandwiches and snacks to go round. Another special moment of the service for me was the collection of the prayer containing parcel tags, seeing people carrying handfulls of them towards the front to be hung upon the tree of life sculpture.

Went to a number of talks in the afternoon that were of interst - andrew went to the worship event in the Centaur, which he said was very popular and a good time. I bumped into him again whilst watching the Splott Brothers. A couple of street entertainers that had just started performing as I was passing.

The CMS tent staged a harrowing performance describing the fate of women from Bangladesh sold into prostitution, which was followed by Aradhna in concert. Devotional Indian fusion, which was pleasent - the sitar is an amazing instrument, which was deftly used to play hindi worship songs in the traditional Indian style used by the guys on mission out there.

The highlight of the evening was seeing the Proclaimers live. It was a fun gig, and everyone got excited hearing "Letter from America" and "I'm gonna be...." Strange how well know those tunes still are, if I recall rightly they were never that big a hit. It was just as I was getting into pop music, I can remember them playing on top of the pops and me recording it by placing a tape recorder in front of the tv set, which I did every week. Still ahve the tapes somewhere, it's interesting to hear what kind of music I liked then, if i didn't like a tune I'd just press stop on the tape. So there's quite a few tunes that end abruptly, just as they are getting going!

Check out some pics from greenbelt by clicking above image!

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