Saturday, August 27, 2005

Greenbelt - Saturday, music

What I like about Greenbelt, is that you can just mill around and never know what you might encounter. I happened upon Harry Webb doing some busking, and thankfully not the Cliff Richard variety.

Harry is usually found on the bandstand bringing his amusing rewordings of popular songs, including a new version of "Guns don't kill people, rappers do" titled "Girls can't play cricket, fellers do" He of course lamented the lack of a bandstand, and had trouble being heard over the background noise from the main stage.

I've been really inspired by the band stand over the years, seeing people like - no more horses, Gojira, that guy who has played guitar at every greenbelt ever and last year the quite superb Occasional Flute

occasional flute, GB04

There was nothing that took my fancy in the early evening, so went to see Riding Lights, before meeting Andrew and returning to the main stage for Estelle. The difference in professionalism in working the crowd and being a presence on stage was quite evident. Although I find her more R+B numbers a little dull, she had everyone swaying along, and her better hip hop tunes were cracking. Wish she'd done that track she did with the guy from Everything But The Girl - that is a tune!

Then off to One Step Beyond, which was fantastic. It was running late cos of some fire alarm or something. Anyway, I caught a set by Gorija, fusing scratching, funky vocals and drum and bass beats. you should see their drummer go! Amazing speed. Dancing away.
GreenJade didn't inspire me, fairly dull school assembly hip hop.

then the highlight - One Nation!

They had me dancing like a loon, to their funky beats, and when the African Drums came out I can't imagine there was a static person in the room. For the finale they jumped into the crowd playing their drums and dancing along with us. Fantastic live act - catch them if you can.

Check out some pics from greenbelt by clicking above image!

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