Saturday, August 27, 2005

Greenbelt - Saturday, worship

[Retrospective blogging...]
Wake up around 7:30am and decide to go to worship, last year I really enjoyed the Taize worship, but it appears to be lacking this year in the morning. decide to try the alt.worship venue, the self service by Revive. It was a beautiful space for worship, peaceful and conductive to meditative worship, along side the creative aspect. It seemed to appeal to all ages, with younger children especially enjoying expressing themselves creatively. It reminded me of a 24:7 prayer room in layout, and although I enjoyed the time, there was a distinctive lack of interaction with others, though it felt as though I was part of the worshiping community there, a kind of communicative bond was missing.

2pm and I'd noticed there was a get together of ppl involved in alt.worship in the beer tent. I hadn't tried the beer yet, and am very interested in new ways of engaging with God, so thought I could do both at the same time. Got a beer, the very fine St Peter's organic beer, and reasonably priced for a monopoly bar! But couldn't find any sign of this alt.worship gathering. Aksed a guy if he knew anything about it, and he did. it's right here, take a seat. So I did, expecting to hear stories from all the variety of alt.worship groups. Instead I was pretty much ignored whilst "trendy" people chatted along with each other. I was asked which group I was with, I said I wasn't and was interested in doing al.worship, explaining our situation at cvm. Anyway, it seemed to be a one way conversation with the recipient exclaiming "cool" at the end of each of my sentances, probably wasn't listening to a word I'd said. In hindsight I should've said, "and yes, we've just tried experimenting with animal sacrifices during worship, and it seems to really help us engage with God", "yeah cool man". His favourite adjective is proabably "random". It quickly dawned that this was just a get together for alt.worship buddies and so after chatting with a pleasent couple who had just come along with a friend i decided to depart - somewhat disappointed.

Check out some pics from greenbelt by clicking above image, including some from Self Service.


Annie Porthouse said...

sorry that yr experience with the alt worship group wasn't a good one. i know little of this kind of 'worship' really... to me, worship is a lifestyle, not something that's just done on a sunday morning (or wednesday evening, if you're cool!). so I have little time for thinking about new ways to 'do' worship in a service/event... i just want to live as a disciple, etc. (i fail, all the time, of course, but at least i know what i'm aiming for!)

gr8 to see yr pics of colourscape... i went there with our kids... i found it a v 'worshipful' time - the whole place made me consider heaven, and i chatted to God quite a bit!

moog said...

yeah you're right that worship is lifestyle, but i also appreciate community worship too, and wanted to hear stories of different ways of doing community worship either in a temporal location - or perhaps something that isn't.
Colourscape was great.