Saturday, August 06, 2005


A friend of mine was getting married today. I don't see her that often, mainly just at district synod, though I did bump into her at that MAYC event a couple of weeks ago. She's a really great person, and was integral to the methodist youth conference 2001 being a success. She was the chair of the planning comittee, and I remember a couple of late nights round her house as we put the final bits of the event together.

Anyway, she invited me along to the service and said she would email me the directions. I hadn't received them by yesterday, but I knew Chris Clark's parents were going, so gave them a ring cos I thought Janet would probably be a bit busy! Chris' mum answered and before I could ask she had dashed to catch Chris as he was just leaving the house. So Chris came on the phone and I started laughing, cos it was actually his mum I wanted t chat to and not him.

Got changed and stuff this morning, including a rare outing for the iron, cleaned my shoes and thought I best remind myself the way to the Clark's house on multimap. Also checked my email, and there was a list of directions from Janet that she's sent at 9:50 last night!

The service was nice, the whole marriage vow ceremony is so short and seems a bit like - is that it? Say a few words and now you're married. Sang some nice songs and Janet really looked stunning. When I saw her last I'd asked about what she was going to do with her hair. She told me that the hairdresser had already done a test run that week, and that it was just going to be something simple. Well it looked magnificent, and the dress looked good on her too. Didn't get any decent pics, but here's a few:

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