Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Grey day

It's been hot today, but outside it's been quite grey, and I've felt a bit grey today too. Not quite sure why, just not felt myself. Watched the cricket highlights, and even though I knew the outcome I was still willing the wicket to fall in the last over.

Got my hair cut too, but cos I'm not too flush with cash I went to cheap bloke instead. Ended up looking like some play mobil character - oh well!

Popped over to peter R house to help comment on sarah O service on Sunday, she was very good really, so it wasn't too much of a chore to put together.

Stayed on after to sit with Peter and Brian and do a bit of bible study of romans 15. They are both really knowledgable and it was interesting chatting and asking them questions. What kind of knowledge did Paul have of greek philosphy and thinking, and then I lamented the lack of the thinking of those days in todays society where knowledge and thinking comes from ill informed sound bites from tv and newspapers. Is there a real need for free thinking and engaging of problems in todays society or is it just something that I enjoy cos i'm pretty academic minded and enjoy learning stuff. Are people just happy to accept the generalised views on everything from genetic screening of embryos thru to understaning of faiths?

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