Friday, August 19, 2005


You'll never believe this, but it's all true:

So as you know I've been doing a bit of work at the community centre, well this evening one of the user groups, the Saudi Union, had booked the centre. I had decided to open up for them, and at the same time do a temporary patch job on these holes that let rainwater in and cause damp in the basement. So far everything is running smoothly, let the guys in etc. Then I'm asked to open the kitchen, and I remember that it has been locked to keep the children out during the playscheme. I open the main dead lock door, but there is also another door which leads to the dining room that is padlocked. I go and have a route through the keys and find the one I think should do the trick. But the key is almost bigger than the padlock. That's odd I think, so ring the caretaker who lives over the road to see if she has a key for it. Yes she does - excellent - I dash across the road and pick up her bunch of keys. The thing is, the key she shows me, looks exactly like the one that I know doesn't work. Then it dawns on me, some idiot has put the wrong padlock back on the door, probably a cupboard padlock or something. Aaaaagh! What to do, I've got this group who needs access now, the only option is to find a screwdriver. Where can one be in the building, basement - no, perhaps there's one in the church sound case - no. Right, I'm going to have to go home and get some. Explain the situation to the Saudi leader guy and run home, cos I'd walked up. Get home, put my hands in my pocket - and would you believe it - all this faffing with keys and stuff at the community centre, I'd taken my house keys out and left them in the office!!

Curse my stupidity,check boot of car - nothing, ring dave P - not in vicinity, try neighbours - out. Going to have to race back to community centre, sneek in and get my keys. So off I race in my car up to the center, in a scene that is not too disimilar to the opening scene of Four Weddings and a Funeral. Execute my covert key rescue operation, and race back home. Grab a bunch of screwdrivers and head back again. Taking twice the time I said I'd be. Race to the kitchen, aiming to be door opening hero to discover that the Saudi's had managed to force the padlock open themselves with brute strength.

There I am stood dripping sweat holding four screwdrivers in my hand, blood pounding in my ear. Unbelievable!

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