Monday, August 29, 2005

Greenbelt - Monday

Doing a report a day has been a mistake, though I've got loads to say in my head about it all, I'm less enthused to write it down, cos who wants to sift through huge blogs? So I'll keep this short(er)

Worship this morning in the caberet was good. A series of bible passages, meditations on the theme of tree of life interspersed with singing. The use of different speakers to do the readings and meditations was effective as the different vocal styles helped keep your attention. Various iages were projected on screen to help assist too. I found it a useful time.

After lunch we came across some street performers dressed as polar explorers from the 30s. They were fantastic, chatting away, and as you listened to their conversation you realised how amusing it all was. For example they were reminiscing the guys back home from the boys school.
"Do you remember Watkins?"
(pause)"Yes, Watkins, a great fellow"
"And of couse Smithson was a card wasn't he"
"Yes, he was a card!"
(pause)"Funny though, he looked as real as life if you looked at him head on, it was just the battered edges that gave him away"

As it was Andrew's birthday we headed to the organic beer tent for a drink and tried to put a few ideas together for some kind of flyers for crookes valley, ready for the influx of students. Andrew's really good at designing these type of things, so look forward to the finished product.

Enjoyed Giles Peterson in the evening, used to listen to his show quite a bit hen he used to be on after John Peel on a wednesday evening. It was amazing to see the infectious beats catch the watching crowd. Initially there were feww people dancing, with must people nodding their heads in time to the music, then the odd leg would be tapping until suddenly everyone was dancing around having a great time. Top tunes, the final tune he played was great - anyone know what it was called?

Emmanual Jal was also fantastic, his brand of hip hop influenced by a traumatic life in Sudan had real vitality, he got the crowd dancing and enjoying his beats. His vocal technique was great too, I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would.

Headed back home after that performance - had a great time.

Check out some pics from greenbelt by clicking above image!

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